Parasite: An award winning tale about Inequality and Disparity | Non-spoiler Review

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The South Korean film is the winner of not one but four Oscars, Golden Globes and Palme d’Or 2019. We are talking about the movie that people have gone crazy over, ‘Parasite’ (Gisaengchung). Not only this, but Parasite has also become the first foreign-language film to win the Best Picture Award in the history of cinema.

Parasite is a masterpiece, written and directed by Bong Joon Ho. Bong has made several movies addressing the class issues and the ever- widening gap between the rich and the poor (including ‘Okja’ and ‘Snowpiercer’) but it is fair to say that Parasite is the best one that depicts Korean inequality and disparity that is now rising day by day.

Bong Joon’s Parasite is an apologue about the socioeconomic status of people and holds a strong message of the yawning gap in South Korea. The director has made sure to tell the audience about the anxiety and terror that he feels towards the world through his gut- twisting film.

 “There are people who are fighting hard to change society. I like those people, and I’m always rooting for them, but making the audience feel something naked and raw is one of the greatest powers of cinema”

Bong Joon Ho

Parasite is a tale about two homes- the Kim and the Park family. Where the Parks are very wealthy and have access to worldly luxuries. On the other hand, the Kim family has really low paying jobs and actually battles to make ends meet until their son comes across an opportunity that can change their lives. They started making their way into the Parks family and made a mission to experience their lavish lifestyle until things take an ugly left turn.

If you still have not seen Parasite, you should definitely head to the cinemas right now. You have to trust me on this one, Parasite is a marvelously made, thought provoking film and is a must watch.

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