COVID-19 Pandemic: World Leaders Searching For Solutions

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The Coronavirus has put the world on edge with rising death tolls and a crippling of the global economy. World Leaders are searching for answers to slow down the chaos.

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has altered the world in an unprecedented way. Countries all over the globe have been struck by the virus, which was declared a Pandemic by World Health Officials earlier this month.

By that time, over 4,000 cases worldwide had been found in over 117 countries. The world has gone into complete shut down with multiple countries forcing their citizens to stay at home in order to help stop the spread.

The virus was first detected in Wuhan, China in late-2019 and spread by travelers throughout the country. The United States, Italy, Iran, Spain and China have been hit the hardest by the virus, leaving many asking if government officials waited too long to act.

In most recent developments, the United States Congress could not agree on a $1 trillion dollar stimulus package after Senate Democrats blocked the plan in a 47-47 vote. Congress needed 60 votes to approve the plan, which is designed to help corporations affected by the global economic meltdown. Democrats believe the plan does protect the workers or impose restrictions on corporation bailouts. The lasting effects of this could put the global economy at even more risk.

State Governors have pushed President Trump to help with providing more protective equipment to prevent the spread of the virus. Some have urged the president to use the Defense Production Act, which would allow the government to control the production of material necessary during national crises. President Trump is not looking to implement the plan, believing the current “way” of doing things is “much better”.

“Call a person over in Venezuela. Ask them, how did nationalization of their businesses work out? Not too well. The concept of nationalizing our businesses is not a good concept.”

President Donald J. Trump

As Italy’s death toll rises, currently at 5,476 from COVID-19 and surpassing China for the most deaths, they are looking towards the United States for assistance. Italy’s Defense Minister asked U.S Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, for U.S Military assistance. Italy is one of many countries with scarce supplies, such as ventilators, needed to combat the virus and treat those infected.

World leaders have also urged citizens to stay at home, implementing what it is now known as ‘Social Distancing’. Celebrities and those with large influence have also joined in on the plan, telling their supporters to stay at home to help slow down the spread of the virus, which has now infected over 335,997 worldwide.

Millennials and Generation Z have ignored the call to action, finding ways to participate in social gatherings after bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and attending sporting events worldwide shut down indefinitely. Once it was determined that older generations and those with weak immune systems are more likely to catch the virus, the younger generation had still not taken the pandemic as seriously as they should.

At Australia’s Bondi Beach last week, people ignored the government’s call to action of social distancing, instead, sunbathing at the famous outdoor venue. In Florida, Spring Breakers also showed apathy, still choosing to head to the beach and other public social gatherings.

The lack of concern amid the crisis puts everyone at risk because it can prolong the flattening of the curve for health systems, which ultimately can save lives.

The key idea behind the notion of flattening the COVID-19 spread curve is to make sure not everyone gets infected at the same time. This way the healthcare infrastructure can have better chances of coping.
Courtesy: Alexander Radtke (@alxrdk)

One of the few benefits that have emerged from this global pandemic is that pollution levels appear to be dropping because of less human activity throughout the world. Fewer cars on the road and less manufacturing have given the earth a chance to cleanse itself.

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