League Of Legends: Season 2020 Preview


League of Legends has excellent news for the fandom as it announces to release three champions later this year.

Fans are enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of the New Champions in League of Legends. The rousing video of season 2020, titled “Warriors” enticed fans to be in awe for the new and unique champions.

The lead producer, Ryan “R3AV3”, highlighted the heavily anticipated news by providing meaningful insight. Mireles announced that the champions would have unique features including updates of visuals, lore, and upcoming events.

The newest champion who will be making their way into the hearts and minds of players is known as ‘Sett’. Mireles revealed that there are more visual updates to share regarding the freshly announced, Volibear and Fiddlesticks. The teaser that was shown to the audience was filled with even more surprises of what is coming.

The new champions will make the roster in League of Legends later in the year. They will have events, much identical to previous events such as Arcade, Battle Academia, Lunar Revel, and True Damage.

“The event will blossom with a new jungler to fawn over. A masked champion who refuses to die.”


Mireles’ unique choice of words has enticed players to do some creative brainstorming – to imagine what type of events could be tied to the new champions.

For example, they could be similar to Soraka or Malphite, who are inspired by nature and the animals. The development team provided vague statements to let players imaginations run wild with anticipation.

“We know it’s been a while since we dreamed up a new jungler, but we were split on what we wanted to make. Some demons should remain in our past.”


Furthermore, it is entirely confusing for the team whether to assign a fight-focused ‘bruiser’ role to the new champions or maybe an ‘assassin’ type character. It could be possible that the new champions may appear to be demons… only Riot Games knows.

Let’s wait with eagerness for the curtains to rise and the bigger picture to unfold.

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