More than just “Angels”


Following a string of controversies over the stereotyping of female beauty standards by associating the brand with slender supermodels; this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway show was officially cancelled by L Brands – the parent company of the lingerie brand. This step has resulted from the lingerie brand’s attempt to be more inclusive in its conception of female beauty and a rethink of how it wants to evolve its marketing strategy. 

Fashion is all about evolution and change. And in this modern day and age where women run the world, every fashion brand needs to support women empowerment by breaking stereotypes associated with the ideal body type. 

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Although the lingerie brand has let go of this year’s runway show, it is looking forward to create a more dynamic marketing strategy using multiple digital platforms for the coming year. It is true that with the evolution of many popular digital streaming platforms, Television is no longer the only platform for lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret to broadcast their marketing shows. Perhaps, it is a wise move from the lingerie brand to outgrow its take on the female beauty standards and make room for more than just “angels”.

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