The Mandalorian: A Bounty Worth Hunting


The hotly-anticipated Star Wars-themed TV series, The Mandalorian, has come out on Friday with its second episode in the span of only one week.

The Disney Plus web series seems to have not only attracted my attention, but also the acclaim of other viewers and critics by introducing a promising storyline to the much-loved Star Wars universe.

The first two episodes centre around the plight of a Mandalorian bounty hunter to retrieve a Force-wielding infant from a distant planet. All things considered, they do a solid job of introducing suspense and guiding the audience’s expectations with captivating foreshadowing.

However, there is already one potentially pesky point in the mix. The episodes so far have seemed to be a little short. Barely longer than half-an-hour, in fact. 

Granted, the first two episodes debuted three days apart, with episode debuts from now on being weekly. This means that it is possible that the directors will double the length of the remaining episodes.

It would be quite unfortunate indeed if the remaining episodes were to continue at their current runtime. It runs the risk of not only failing to do justice to a storyline with such rich potential as this one, but it may also leave viewers more and more unsatisfied in the end.

All in all, The Mandalorian has so far been exactly what loyal fans have been waiting for; presenting them with a gritty, western-styled storyline set in the Outer Rim of the Star Wars universe.

The Mandalorian is available now on the Disney+ streaming service.

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