Marvel’s Black Widow: A Swan Song all about Family | Review


“Black Widow” by Marvel Studios is more of a family reunion story instead of a superhero centric film. Unfortunately, in her character’s swansong, Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the first female Avenger gets overshadowed.

The movie begins in 1995 Ohio where Natasha is a young, curious and protective adolescent. She takes care of her younger sister, Yelena as their parents work as undercover spies, posing as an all-American couple. When their identities are exposed, they are forced to flee to an outpost in Cuba. Natasha and her sister are forced to be trained into deadly killing agents at the Red Room, a Soviet boot camp for young, presumably abducted girls.

The film quickly transitions to 2016, where Natasha is a fugitive on the run, cut-off from the other Avengers following the events after Civil War. Natasha spends the rest of the movie catching up with her past, attempting to tie up loose ends as a redemption arc within a not-so-clandestine, over-the-top mission.

Compared to other M.C.U. films, “Black Widow” seems to have a different feeling altogether. Coercion, manipulation, kidnapping and murder missions performed by programmed young women, make the film seem more like a ‘feminine’ James Bond movie. Feminine power is brought to the forefront, with morals and family, which in turn makes for an absurd roller-coaster ride of action with serious themes.

Unfortunately, Scar-Jo’s Romanov is more of a pedestrian along for the ride, as she gets overshadowed mostly by her extroverted family members. Yelena (Florence Pugh) stamps her prominent arrival to the M.C.U. with witty sarcasm and skill, staking her claim to become the new ‘Black Widow’. Alexei (David Harbour) is hilarious as the ‘Red Guardian’ and Melina (Rachel Weisz) gives closer insight as a master strategist, horticulturist, and spy as the ‘Iron Maiden’.

There’s enough story and action to be a 4 out of 5. Vale Natasha Romanov.

Black Widow is available now on Disney+ and cinemas.

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