Build Back Better: UK PM Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution


In mid-November, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson outlined his ten-point plan to start a green industrial revolution, focusing on measures to reduce carbon emissions by transforming the motor vehicle industry to ‘electric-only’ by a target of the year 2030. 

Not only this, but in carrying out such a plan, the PM believes that 250,000 British jobs can be created and supported within this industry.

“Although this year has taken a very different path to the one we expected, I haven’t lost sight of our ambitious plans to level up across the country. My Ten Point Plan will create, support and protect hundreds of thousands of green jobs, whilst making strides towards net-zero by 2050.

Our green industrial revolution will be powered by the wind turbines of Scotland and the North East, propelled by the electric vehicles made in the Midlands and advanced by the latest technologies developed in Wales, so we can look ahead to a more prosperous, greener future.”

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Johnson’s ten-point plan is as follows:

  1. Offshore wind – The PM aims to produce enough offshore wind by 2030 to power every single home in Britain, a level that lies four times higher than the country’s current output. In doing so, he also hopes to support 60,000 jobs.
  2. Hydrogen – By 2030, Johnson wants to generate 5GW of low carbon hydrogen to be used within the industry sector. He also wants to create the first hydrogen-heated town in the next ten years.
  3. Nuclear – Supporting 10,000 jobs in the process, Johnson wants to advance nuclear energy as a clean source, while also creating the next wave of small reactors.
  4. Electric vehicles – The British PM wants to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles, while also adjusting infrastructure to support them.
  5. Transport – Investment in zero-emission public transport, while also working to make walking and cycling more attractive options.
  6. Green maritime – Supporting industries that find it hard to reduce on carbon emissions by funding research.
  7. Buildings – By 2030, Johnson wants homes to be greener. He wants to create 50,000 new jobs during this time, while also installing 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.
  8. Carbon – The PM wants to become a global leader in capturing and storing emissions, keeping them away from the atmosphere, targeting 10 MT of carbon dioxide by 2030.
  9. Nature – Johnson wants to plant 30,000 hectares of new trees each year, a process that will also create jobs.
  10. Finance – The PM wants to develop new technology in order to make London an international hub of green finance.

In response to Mr Johnson’s announcement, UK-based fleet management provider, Zenith revealed that one third of its new car orders are currently electric vehicles. The BVRLA also made a statement, revealing that all members remained dedicated to decarbonising, but many were struggling with the resulting costs and access to electric cars.

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