Tenet: A mind-bending, time bend | Non-spoiler Review

Kibi | REVIEW |

Amid a pandemic, the long-awaited Tenet, came in well to enthral the hearts of many with some action and thrilling moments.

Tenet’s main plot is quite dynamic, by the fact that most people might not understand it, until it wants them to. Built like a puzzle, the film is fitted with a story that folds over itself, enough times to get the audience absorbed and eager to know more. Director Christopher Nolan did exceptionally well in developing an intriguing and exciting futuristic film, clearly utilizing a plethora of cinematography techniques, evident throughout the film.

The acting in the film is beyond extraordinary. Robert Pattinson and John David Washington’s characters are well developed, and their acting ability in the film was incredible. Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki with Aaron Johnson have characters who were perfectly portrayed. The dialogue among the characters is also highly impressive and realistic, with an engaging tone to the audience. All round, the great acting skills and techniques, as well as the remarkable dialogue really amps up the quality of the film, making it stand out.

Nolan’s unique approach to time travel is highly fascinating, especially when compared to other films in the same genre. The attention to detail in every scene made it easy for viewers to follow and understand. The complexity of the film’s plot and science also managed to consistently keep the viewers’ attention. Tenet is undoubtedly a unique and interesting film that has a heart-racing opening, and an unforgettable dual-timeline finale which makes it such a professional film. Its exquisite taste cannot go unrecognized; viewers are thrilled by the actions of most characters in a great way. The overall cinematography is superb.

I highly recommend it! A must watch.

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